As we make our way further into the spring months, if you are anything like us, you may have found yourself dreaming of the warmer and sunnier summer months. Depending on where in the country you live, you experience varying weather throughout the year, ranging from bitterly cold weather in the winter to scorching heat in the summer.

While the summer months will be upon us in no time, thoughts would naturally begin to consider what can be done to protect ourselves from the UV rays we are exposed to in the sun. For the most part, this extends to include the use of sun cream and SPF protection, as well as sunglasses to protect our eyes.

These are ideal things to use in the summer months but are not the only ways to protect yourself against potentially harmful UV rays, and that is where we are here to help!

We have compiled this helpful guide, detailing some of the many beneficial ways that you can look after your eyes during the summer months. Whether you already live in a warm place and want to learn more about what you could do or are making provisions for your upcoming vacation, we are confident that you will find something of substantial value below.

Read on for more, and remember to look after your vision!

Variations of Eyewear

When you imagine the types of eyewear that are available for protecting your eyes in the summer, your minds would naturally turn to the likes of sunglasses and other related items. While these are very well incredibly effective methods of protecting your eyes in the summer, they are not the only methods of eyewear that exist for protecting your eyes.

Especially if you plan to spend time in swimming pools this summer, you will need to consider the effects that chlorine and other cleaning products have on the eyes. Irritation naturally occurs when the eyes are met with products like these, so you must do what you can to protect your eyes. Ensuring that you wear swimming goggles whenever you come into contact with pool water will positively contribute to the health of your eyes.

Mainly if you have not been in a pool for some time – as we are confident many of us have not – this is undoubtedly something worth considering when heading to the pool with your friends and family in the coming months and weeks.

Use Eyedrops and Other Associated Solutions

Naturally, as the weather around us becomes drier, so does the air. Dry heat and dry air can irritate our eyes and lead them to become dry and itchy. Protecting your eyes while out and about is of utmost importance, but you must be doing other things beyond this to positively contribute to your eyes’ health.

Using moisturizing eyedrops whenever you feel the need to, in tandem with the implementation of other methods for looking after your eyes, you can rest assured that you are doing what you can to take care of your eyes in this extreme weather.

Furthermore, eye drops help combat and treat other ailments that you may be experiencing due to the warmer weather. If you suffer from Hay fever and have irritated eyes due to this and other conditions, you needn’t worry! There are many eyes drops available on the market from optometrists such as ourselves, covering conditions like these and more.

Getting Adequate Amounts of Sleep

While we can recognize the desire to stay up late during the summer, to do as much as you possibly can in one day, you must ensure you are getting enough sleep as well. Especially if you have not been out all that much in the last year, you could very well be making your summer plans as we speak and wanting to make up on lost time. Believe us; we are in the same boat!

By keeping a healthy sleep schedule, even while at your busiest, you will positively contribute toward your eyes’ overall health and be sure to have the energy levels needed for everything you have planned. The last thing you want is to be falling asleep at any point during the day from lack of sleep!

Not to mention, when we get tired, we tend to rub our eyes more, which can lead to redness and irritation. Getting enough sleep each night will all but eliminate the need to rub our eyes, so it is undoubtedly something to work on and make a note of and improve.

Wearing Hats and Other Protective Items

As mentioned previously, eyewear during the summer is something that most of us think of when considering the ways that we can protect our eyes, but they are not the only ways that we can do so.

While sunglasses are very well an effective method for protecting our eyes from the potentially harmful UV rays produced by the sun, there are naturally gaps that the rays can squeeze through while wearing eyeglasses.

One way that you can further protect your eyes? Wearing a hat of some sort! Now, this does not mean to say you have to feel embarrassed by your clothing choices, for you certainly won’t be the only one out there who has opted for the hat and sunglasses combo. We definitely will be!

Not to mention, wearing a hat gives you the opportunity to shade your eyes when you may find that you cannot wear sunglasses and will also double up as a way of protecting your face and scalp from sunburn.

While these are but some practical ways to take care of your eyes in the warmer months, there are various other methods out there. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel there is something wrong with your eyes – whether that be a prescription change or sudden, intense irritation – make sure to get yourself seen by an optometrist such as ourselves.

Our eyesight is precious; it is crucial that we do what we can to take care of it.