Contact Lenses in Summerville SC

For many of our eye care patients in Summerville contact lenses are a convenient and easy option to correct their vision. Our Jackson Davenport optometrists are specially trained to provide the best contact lenses and fit them for each patient’s unique needs.

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Contact Lense Fitting

During a regular eye check-up, your eye doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and what rate of vision correction you will need. Our contact lense fitting process is as follows:

Contact Lenses in Summerville SC

Identify Corneal Curvature

Our optometrists will use special equipment to determine the curve of your eyes. Getting the specific measurements will allow us to provide you with the best fit.

Tear/Dry Eye Evaluation

To wear contact lenses, patients must be able to create enough tears to avoid painful dry eye irritation with the lenses. Our eye doctors will evaluate your tear film and ducts and provide options depending on your results.

Trial Run With Lenses

Once we’ve identified your sizing and measurements, our eye doctors will provide you with lenses to “test out.” This will ensure the best possible comfort and fit.

Follow Up Visits

After a trial run with test lenses, if you’re having issues or questions, our optometrists will need a follow up visit to check on the fit and your eyes.

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