How Long Do Contact Lenses Last?

Understanding Contact Lenses: A Comprehensive Guide Contact lenses have revolutionized the world of vision correction. They are thin, curved lenses placed directly on the eye's surface to correct vision problems. They are an alternative to glasses, providing a natural...

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Do Video Games Cause Eye Damage?

We spend more time staring at screens than ever before. From HD televisions to smartphones, we are seemingly glued to devices. For gamers, staring at a monitor or laptop screen is a vital part of the hobby, and they can spend many hours being immersed in an online or...

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The Effects of Blue Light on Our Eyes

In today’s world, we are surrounded by digital screens. We spend hours staring at screens every day, from smartphones to laptops, TVs, and tablets. However, this constant exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens can significantly impact our eye health. In...

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How To Protect Your Eyes

Our eyes are precious and invaluable. They are one of the essential organs of the human body and play a vital role in our everyday lives. However, they are also one of the most delicate organs, prone to injuries, infections, and diseases. This is why protecting our...

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The Summer Sun and Your Eyes in 2023

Summer is a time for fun and outdoor activities. After being cooped up all winter, it is a treat to get outside and play around. You probably spend a lot of time choosing a sunscreen that is the most protective for you and your loved ones. But do you put the same kind...

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What Happens at an Eye Exam?

An eye exam is a routine check-up of the health of your eyes and vision. During an eye exam, an eye doctor (an optometrist or an ophthalmologist) will assess your vision and check for any problems with your eyes. Here are some things that may happen during an eye...

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