Eyeglasses in Summerville SC

Discover Your Perfect Eye Glasses Frames at Jackson Davenport Vision Center

At Jackson Davenport Vision Center, we have an extensive range of frames that combine functionality with style. Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, trendy designs, or bold statements, we have something for everyone. Our diverse collection of eyeglass frames is carefully curated to cater to different tastes, preferences, and face shapes.  Our team of professionals comprises highly certified optometrists who excel in their profession, enthusiastic executives who are committed to providing excellent customer service, and proficient technicians who take great care to deliver exceptional vision care solutions and cutting-edge eyewear. Our highly skilled team of colleagues and doctors allows us to provide customers with an exceptional in-store experience. In order to keep improving our customers’ in-store experience, we provide growth and training opportunities for both our Retail Support Centre and store staff.

Premium Eyewear At Competitive Prices

We at Jackson Davenport source our frames from reputable manufacturers who use high-quality materials. Our experienced opticians are dedicated to providing personalized assistance to help you find the perfect frames to complement your facial features and reflect your style.

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, fashionable eyeglasses without breaking the bank. Our user-friendly website offers a seamless browsing and purchasing experience, while our physical stores allow customers to try on frames in person and receive expert guidance. Our expert team strives to exceed your expectations by offering exceptional customer service, hassle-free returns, and prompt assistance with any inquiries or concerns.

Quality Product At Your Figure Tips

We provide top-notch items, whether you’re seeking fashionable eyeglasses to shield your eyes from the sun and look good or prescription glasses and spectacles to improve your eyesight without going out of style. Our fashionable frames, which are in style with the newest fad, set you apart from the crowd. Additionally, you can choose to go frameless with our superior contact lenses if you’d rather not carry a frame. We provide custom contact lenses that are customized to fit every demand and complement your unique style. Our merchandise comes from well-known companies.

From sleek and sophisticated to quirky and fun, our range includes:

  1. Classic Styles: We have a fantastic collection of timeless frames that have been part of the fashion trend for many years. Our collection is perfect for those who appreciate elegance and versatility.
  2. Trendy Designs: Eyeglasses are now not just vision correction tools but fashionable accessories that reflect personal style and trends. In recent years, trendy eyeglasses designs combined a fusion of retro aesthetics with modern twists. Vintage-inspired frames, such as round or cat-eye shapes, have made a notable comeback. At Jackson Davenport, we have facilitated our Summerville, SC clients with the most trendy designs of sunglasses. We also have minimalist and sleek designs for those who prefer a contemporary and classy look. 
  3. Bold Statements: Bold colors and patterns have also become prominent in eyeglasses, allowing individuals to make a statement. You can choose from bold shapes, vibrant hues, and daring designs. Gone are the days when there were only a few options for eyeglass wearers. Now, the market is packed with many attractive designs, and you can find all of them at our store. 
  4. Vintage Vibes: Our vintage-inspired frames add a touch of nostalgia to your everyday look. These eyeglasses capture the essence of timeless elegance and contemporary style. We have a diverse range of cost-effective frames to suit every individual’s taste and preference. 
  5. Sleek Metals: Our metal frames are renowned for their durability, lightweight feel, and modern aesthetic. Their elegant design, crafted from high-quality metals, shows classic luxury. You can wear metal frames while going for a formal event or simply going about your daily routine to elevate your look.
  6. Comfortable Plastics: Our comfortable plastic frame eyeglasses are a combination of aesthetics and modern comfort. These frames feature classic shapes framed from premium plastics. These lightweight frames can be easily wearable for a whole day. Comfortable plastic frame eyeglasses are the perfect choice for those who prioritize both style and comfort in their eyewear. You can find a variety of chic colors in our store that makes them an ideal accessory for any fashion enthusiast.

Eyeglasses Repairs and Services in Summerville, SC

Eyeglasses Repairs & Services

Our repair services contain a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to address any potential issue with your eyeglasses. Our team is committed to restoring your eyewear and providing you with complete peace of mind.

If your eyeglasses have broken accidentally, we are here for you. At Jackson Davenport, we possess the unparalleled skill and experience necessary to repair eyewear to its former condition, even when the damage seems irreparable to others.

We can repair glasses of all the brands that grace our shelves. Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction exceeds the boundaries of brand loyalty. Even if your eyeglasses were not from our store, we can repair them. We offer the following repair services:

  • Frame Adjustments
  • Single Lens Replacement for your frame
  • Replacement Temples
  • Replacement Nose Pads – More Comfortable Than Originals Guaranteed
  • Loose and Missing Screws
  • Temple Tip Covers

Whether you’re seeking everyday frames, statement pieces, or specialized eyewear, we have the perfect pair waiting for you. Browse our collection today and discover eyeglasses that not only enhance your vision but also elevate your style.