Recently, research has proved that glasses wearers are as much as three times less likely to catch the Coranvirus than those who don’t wear glasses.

The main reason for this is that people who wear glasses are accustomed to not touching their eyes as much as non-glasses wearers.

As well as increasing your chances of catching the Coronavirus, rubbing your eyes also causes other health issues, such as bacterial eye infections.

That’s why the team here at Jackson Davenport eye care center is eager to help residents of the Summerville area and beyond stop rubbing their eyes.

Read on, and we’ll explore some of the ways that you can stop yourself from touching your eyes, whether you wear glasses or not.

Embrace Mindfulness

Often, when you’re touching your face and eyes, it’s an unconscious action. As such, you should try to be more mindful about your habits and think before you reach up to touch your eyes.

You could try to use meditation and mindfulness techniques to train yourself out of the habit of touching your eyes. When you reach up to your eyes to touch them, you can notice the action and try to break the habit.

Moisturize Your Hands With Scented Lotion

When you touch your eyes, you move your hand past your nose. If you have a good sense of smell, then you could try using a heavily scented lotion on your hands.

As a result, when your hand goes up to touch your eyes, you will smell the hand lotion and realize your mistake. Choose a scent that you like and that you would notice.

If your hand lotion smells the same as your face soap or laundry detergent, then you might not notice it. However, if you select a scent that you don’t usually wear, you will notice it when you touch your eyes, and it could help you stop.

Keep Your Hands Busy

The habit of touching your eyes is often unconscious and simply because you are bored. Therefore, a useful way to reduce it is to keep your hands occupied.

There are many different gadgets out there that can help you keep your hands busy, including fidget spinners and fidget cubes.

If you don’t want to buy a tool exclusively to stop yourself from touching your eyes, then you could try to use something you already own, such as a pen or a piece of jewelry.

By keeping your hands busy, you will reduce the chances of you touching your eyes and give you something else to do with your restless hands.

Use Eye Drops

In some cases, rubbing your eyes a lot could be a sign that your eyes are dry. Dry eyes can be treated with over-the-counter eye drops or prescription medications.

Speak to your doctor, who can recommend a solution that will help you to keep your eyes moist no matter what the weather.

If your doctor can’t find any health issues that cause the dryness in your eyes, then you can speak to your optometrist. Our experience vision center staff can help you to find the right eye drops for you.

When you’ve found the right eye drops, you should use them whenever you feel that your eyes are dry. If this approach doesn’t help, you should consider returning to your eye doctor or our vision center to see if there is anything else we can do to assist.

Wear Sunglasses In The Good Weather

One reason why your eyes might be dry is that they are straining because of the sun. Often, the sunshine can cause you to feel discomfort if you don’t wear sunglasses during sunny periods.

If you wear glasses indoors, then you should consider getting prescription sunglasses so that your eyes are always protected no matter what the weather.

Jackson Davenport offers a wide range of prescription sunglasses in various styles and designs, so you can find a pair to suit your tastes.

Try Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses, but you can’t rub your eyes when you wear them, as you could damage the lenses and your eyes.

If you start wearing contact lenses instead of your usual eyeglasses, you could train yourself to stop touching your eyes when you are wearing your lenses.

However, if you don’t like the feel of contact lenses, or you hate the idea of putting them in your eye, then this approach might not work well for you.

Pick Up Some Empty Frames

If contact lenses aren’t right for you, then you could try wearing empty frames instead. Even if you don’t need glasses to improve your eyesight, you can wear empty frames to stop you from touching your face.

Many companies offer empty frames or glasses with clear frames, so you can find a pair that will suit your style and keep you from touching your eyes.

It can be a challenge to remember to wear your glasses, especially if they’re empty frames and you don’t need them to correct your eyesight.

Check out these tips to stop you from forgetting your glasses so that you can remember to put your empty frames on before you go out and reduce the number of times you touch your face and eyes during the day.

Get An Eye Test

Excessive rubbing of the eyes could sign that your eyes are straining a lot, which could mean that you need glasses to correct an issue with your vision.

As such, you should consider getting an eye exam. Our team of respected optometrists can check your eye health and get you the eyewear that you need to correct any problems that you might have with your vision.

Even if you don’t touch your eyes too often and aren’t worried about the habit, you should still get a regular eye test to ensure that your vision remains satisfactory.

If you want to book an appointment, you can schedule it online or contact us to find out more about our range of services.