At Jackson Davenport, we know how important it is that anyone who needs glasses wears them at all times. If you forget your glasses or choose not to wear them, then you’ll damage your eyesight in the long run.

We also realize that many glasses wearers forget their glasses and leave them at home when they leave the house. However, we also know that there are easy ways to reduce your chances of forgetting your glasses.

Remembering your glasses, and wearing them whenever you need to, is essential if you want to improve your eye health. You’ll also find it hard to concentrate on tasks such as driving and reading if you don’t wear your prescription glasses.

If you’re prone to leaving your eyeglasses at home, then keep reading, and we’ll share our expert tips to help you remember your glasses all the time.

Find A Pair Of Glasses You Love

If you choose a pair of glasses that look amazing and go with every outfit you own, then you’ll be more likely to remember them when you’re getting dressed in the morning. We have the largest selection of designer eyewear in Summerville, as well as a selection of quirky independent brands, so you’ll be able to find the perfect glasses for your style. You could also consider buying multiple pairs so that you’ve always got one to accessorize any look. If you love your glasses and they look perfect, then you’ll be more likely to remember them and feel comfortable wearing them.

Make Sure They Fit Properly

As well as looking fantastic, your glasses also need to fit your face. If they’re too loose, then they could fall off your face, whereas tight glasses are uncomfortable to wear. Make sure that you buy your glasses from an experienced team of eyewear experts like us so that you can have them adjusted to fit your face perfectly. For minor adjustments, you can try using a screwdriver to fix the problem yourself, but if you’re unsure or the issue is more severe, then bring your glasses to our Vision Center to get them fixed and ensure that they fit correctly. Then you can enjoy wearing your glasses in comfort and increase your chances of remembering to put them on in the morning.

Keep A Spare Pair With You At All Times

Buying more than one pair of glasses and keeping spare pairs in your bag, car, and desk draw will mean that if you forget one pair, you’ll always have a spare set on hand. Jackson Davenport offers a wide variety of eyewear so that you can find several pairs that look incredible. If you’ve found the one pair that you’re in love with and that matches everything, then you could buy several pairs in the same style. Whatever approach you choose to take, having extra pairs of glasses will ensure that you’ve always got them when you need them.

Remember To Get Prescription Sunglasses For Bright Days

You need to wear sunglasses for sunny days, but that doesn’t mean that you should put your eyesight at risk. As well as our extensive range of standard glasses, we also offer an array of prescription sunglasses so that you can keep your eyes protected from the sun and ensure that you can see correctly. Prescription sunglasses are particularly vital if you’re driving, as you need to make sure that you always have perfect visibility. Consider buying a spare pair of prescription sunglasses for your car so that you’ve always got them handy in case the sun suddenly comes out when you least expected it.

Wear A Glasses Chain

Putting your glasses down and forgetting where they are is one reason why many glasses wearers forget their spectacles. If you regularly find that you don’t know where your glasses are or that you take them off and forget to put them back on, then consider wearing a glasses chain. They’re not just for old ladies; glasses chains are trendy and come in various styles, so you can find one that suits your style. By keeping your glasses around your neck, if you need a break from them, you’ll reduce your chances of losing them or forgetting that you’re wearing them.

Put A Reminder On Your Phone

Wearing your glasses is crucial if you want to improve your eye health, so you should take every precaution. For anyone who forgets their glasses often, setting a reminder on your phone could be the perfect solution. Consider sending a reminder every few hours to remind you to check that you’re wearing your glasses. This suggestion might sound like a drastic step, but your eye health is crucial if you want to enjoy an excellent quality of life, so you need to take it seriously. Set a regular reminder and see if it helps you to remember your glasses- if it works, then you’ll improve your eyesight and make the most out of your glasses.

Think About Getting Contact Lenses

If you’ve tried all of these tips, and you still forget your glasses regularly, then consider replacing your glasses with contact lenses. All you have to do is insert your contact lenses in the morning, and then you’re set for the day. You won’t be able to lose your contact lenses or put them down and walk away from them, unlike your glasses. You must remember to insert them in the morning, so if you’re incredibly forgetful, then consider writing a note to yourself or placing your contact lenses in a case near your clothes.

If you’d like to find out more about contact lenses, choose a new pair of eyeglasses or get an eye test, then visit us at the Jackson Davenport Vision Center in Summerville, SC. Make sure that you book an appointment first to avoid disappointment- we’re very popular. We have limited capacity currently due to the pandemic, so reach out to us, and we’ll book you in to see one of our eye care specialists.