One of your most vital senses is sight, which accounts for 80% of all information you take in. Taking care of your eyes will lower your risk of losing your eyesight while also watching out for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts that may be forming.

Indeed, you’ll need an eye doctor to maintain the health of your eyes. Keep reading to learn how to find the best eye doctor in Summerville.

The Value of Eye Care

For the brain to operate appropriately, eyesight must be in good condition. The brain, your most vital organ, allows you to conduct complex lives. It’s critical to have a healthy co-dependent relationship since the optic nerve connects your eyes and brain. Your total quality of life is improved by maintaining healthy eyes and brains.

Good eyesight impacts a person’s ability to learn and understand things better, move around more easily, perform more strenuous activities, and live more happily.

Choosing The Best Eye Doctor

Many eye clinics provide exceptional and customized eye care. They remain steadfast in their belief that everyone deserves top-notch service, attentive care, and a chic pair of glasses. Generally, they offer products like contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

Services Offered

A routine checkup with eye muscle movement tests, cover tests, vision tests, and more are included in their services. It also consists of a consultation with your doctor to review any particular needs or problems.

What Tests can Detect

  • Early warnings of significant health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and stroke risk
  • Cataracts, macular degeneration, detached retina, and glaucoma
  • Future eyesight loss risk

Eye Exams for Children

Children who want to achieve their academic potential must have good eyesight because about 80% of what they learn in school is delivered visually. You need not fear because many clinics have experience providing eye care on a professional level. Also, it is advisable to have an eye test for all kids between 3 and 4 before they start school.

 Services for children include:

  • Contact lens adjustments
  • Tests of children’s vision
  • Eye allergy assessments
  • Child eye examinations
  • Dry eye assessments
  • Glass fixtures

Eyewear Repair

Eyewear speaks volumes about your personality and distinct sense of style. Your doctors can help you select eyewear highlighting your nature and the importance of fashion.

Additionally, they can perform repairs because of their competence and experience. They provide service for all the designer and prescription eyewear brands they offer. Generally, they should also provide the following services:

  • Frame modifications
  • Lens replacement for your frame
  • Temple replacements
  • Nose pad replacements
  • Missing and unsecured screws
  • Tip covers for temples

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a practical and straightforward alternative for many Summerville patients seeking vision correction. Optometrists have undergone specialized training to provide the best contact lenses and cater to each patient’s specific needs.

Symptoms that Indicate you Should Visit a Vision Center

Healthy eyesight depends on having regular eye exams at a reputable eye care facility. Some warning signs and symptoms necessitate an immediate visit to your preferred eye care facility. Here are a few of the most typical symptoms.

Constant Pain

Do not wait to schedule an appointment and pursue complete eye treatment if it is found to be a cause for worry. The discomfort of the cornea may be a sign of an infection or a more serious medical condition.

Vision Issues

Blurred vision can occasionally be a sign of underlying health concerns, and difficulty focusing can sometimes indicate that your vision is deteriorating. The gradual onset of blurry vision typically means no immediate danger and that it is simply time to purchase some glasses. This procedure should also be finished as soon as possible to avoid further eyesight problems.

Light Sensitivity

Being sensitive to light can occasionally signify serious eye health problems, necessitating an instant visit to your trusted eye care clinic. Light sensitivity is a symptom of many eye ailments and diseases and can point to more serious issues.


A side effect of eyesight issues might be migraines or chronic headaches. Regular visits to an eye care center are always advised to maintain clear eyesight and avert severe disorders.

Double Vision

Sometimes, one or both eyes may experience double vision. Astigmatism, dry eyes, or keratoconus can all result in monocular (one eye) double vision. Additionally, several disorders of the retina, brain, or cornea may be the cause. Double binocular vision refers to double vision in which your eyes cannot work together.


You may have astigmatism or presbyopia if you sometimes notice halos around lights in the middle of the day, which might indicate a more severe condition. As a result, you must schedule a quick visit to your chosen eye care facility to get checked.

Benefits of Getting your Eyes Checked

Regular eye examinations have several advantages, so you shouldn’t put off visiting an optometrist until you experience a vision problem. Here are a few benefits of taking care of your vision.


Future eye problems are less likely to occur with regular eye checkups. Your optometrist can find any symptoms or underlying health issues during your eye exams that could affect your vision and your eyes’ health.

Asymptomatic Defects Detection

Your optometrist can identify asymptomatic eye problems and begin treatment immediately to stop permanent harm to your eyes by having routine eye exams.

Updated Prescriptions

By visiting the optometrist regularly, you can maintain your prescriptions and avoid any issues affecting your eyes.

Making Symptom Reports

Eye dryness, squinting, and watery eyes may be signs of more severe problems, but you won’t know for sure unless you have a thorough eye exam.


Eye exams should be included in your routine health examinations rather than postponed until you experience discomfort or blurred vision. Setting your appointments after your subsequent visit is the easiest way to ensure they are scheduled. At Jackson Davenport Vision, your eye health and comfort are their main priority. Contact them now!