When you visit your eye doctor for a check-up, you will typically find out a bit more about your eyes’ health and what kind of vision correction you need. Many people in Summerville opt for eyeglasses, but contact lenses are also a trendy option. Not only can contact lenses correct almost any error, but they can also be much more comfortable.

Optometrists at Jackson Davenport offer a range of eyewear and contact lenses. Below, we will look at the pros and cons of choosing contact lenses to correct your vision. Hopefully, this will help you to make the right decision on what is right for you.

How Are They Fitted?

Before we get into the pros and cons of contact lenses, it might be useful to let you know a bit more about the fitting process. It isn’t as simple as buying a set of lenses and throwing out your eyeglasses; our specialists will have to check a few things first to make sure you get the perfect set.

The first step to fitting contact lenses involves identifying the corneal curvature. Then, we’ll perform a tear/dry eye evaluation. You must create enough tears to avoid irritation with the lenses, so this step is crucial. After that, we’ll offer a trial run with the lenses and then check up with you on follow-up visits. The team at Jackson Davenport will stay with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your new contact lenses.

Pros of Choosing Contact Lenses

Natural Field of View

If having a natural field of view is one of your main priorities when choosing a vision correction option, contact lenses should be your first choice. Often, eyeglasses can restrict vision, especially if they are larger. Contact lenses are placed on the eye, so there won’t be anything external that could block your vision.

Active Lifestyles

One of the main advantages of choosing contact lenses is that they are suitable for those who enjoy active lifestyles. It can be not easy to run around and travel when you have a set of eyeglasses on your face. However, with contact lenses, you can move freely and not have to worry about breaking your eyeglasses.

No Cleaning Hassle

If you decide to choose daily disposable lenses for your eyes, you will find little to no cleaning involved. This fact means that you are free to enjoy your day without needing to take your lenses out and make sure that they are clear. Cleaning eyeglasses can be tricky, and you often require a special cloth or additional cleaning products suitable for the glass.

Much More Comfort

When you choose contact lenses for your eyes, you will find that they are incredibly comfortable. You won’t have the weight of eyeglasses on your face, and it can be easy to forget that you are even wearing anything on there. This factor is one of the main reasons why customers in Summerville choose this option.

Cosmetic Reasons

When some people discover that they need to correct their vision, they don’t want to have to wear eyeglasses all the time. This is where contact lenses can come in handy on the cosmetic side of things, as they won’t be immediately apparent to those passing by. If you look closely, you might be able to see the lenses, but usually, you can easily disguise them.

Correcting Refractive Errors

Finally, you should know that contact lenses can help to correct almost any refractive errors. Your eye doctor will be able to let you know if contact lenses are right for your exact requirements, but usually, they will be effective.

Cons of Choosing Contact Lenses

Can Cause Dry Eyes

At Jackson Davenport, we always check that you can create enough tears before offering you a set of lenses. However, you might find that contact lenses can cause dry eyes in some cases. This might require the use of eye drops, and so this is something to consider carefully.

Can Get Irritated

It is important to note that contact lenses can get infected if dirt or water happens to get in your eye. This issue isn’t always easy to prevent, and if it happens, you could find that your eye gets irritated. If you do invest in contact lenses, you should try to avoid this at all costs.

Removal Required

While it can be easy to forget that you are even wearing contact lenses, you will find that you need to remove them before bed. This can be a hassle, and it can also be something that people forget to do. You can wear some lenses overnight, but this is something that the eye doctor must approve, so always check.

Adjustment Time

Did you know that contact lenses can take a while to adjust to if you’ve never worn them before? In the beginning, as your eyes have never worn contact lenses, you might struggle to adapt. Of course, this will be something that becomes much easier in no time at all.

Choose Quality Contact Lenses

There are both advantages and disadvantages to wearing contact lenses, so you must understand exactly what it means. Lenses aren’t for everyone, and if you find that you swim a lot, you might find that taking them out all the time before diving in the pool might be annoying. Usually, the advantages of wearing contact lenses outweigh the disadvantages, and this is why they are such a popular option for many around the world.

Contact lenses are great for those who want to use discreet eye corrective tools as they are almost invisible. If you are looking for the perfect contact lenses, Jackson Davenport can have the answer for you. Get in touch today, and one of our specialist eye doctors can get started on your examination.