Summer is fast approaching, and as the weather in Summerville, South Carolina, heats up, now is the time to start thinking about how you can keep your eyes safe.

Allergies, water from pools, and, of course, UV light from the sun can all cause eye health problems, so you need to make sure that you take extra care of your eyes during the summer months.

The team at Jackson Davenport understands that summer can be tough on your eyes, which is why we’ve put together some tips to help you take extra care and still have fun in the sun this summer!

Wear Prescription Sunglasses

You’d be surprised by how many people invest a lot of time, money, and energy into finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses, then grab a pair of cheap, non-prescription sunglasses from a dollar store.

If your sunglasses aren’t the same as your prescription glasses, then you’ll damage your eyesight in the long run, so you should invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Even if you’ve already got a pair, you should check that they’re still working effectively. Sunglasses deteriorate over time, meaning that the older they are, the less effective they will be, so you should replace them every few years.

If your prescription has changed since you last bought prescription sunglasses, you might find that you need to get new lenses to keep your eyes safe from the sun and correct your vision.

Jackson Davenport has one of the largest selections of prescription sunglasses in the Summerville, SC area, so we have a pair that will suit any customer.

No matter what your style, you can find a pair of sunglasses to suit you. You can even pick up a couple of pairs, so no matter what you’re wearing, you always look great and keep your eyes safe.

Get A Fresh Eye Test

As mentioned earlier, your prescription sunglasses must use the latest prescription so that they work correctly and don’t do more harm than good to your eyesight.

If you haven’t had an eye test in a while, or you think that your vision has changed dramatically over recent weeks, then visit the Jackson Davenport Vision Center for an eye exam. We’ll check that your prescription is correct and then take you through our range of prescription sunglasses to find the perfect pair in time for summer.

Avoid Wearing Too Much Eye Makeup

Summer is a time for festivals, concerts, big nights out, and much more. As a result, you might find that you’re wearing more eye makeup than usual or going for bolder looks that involve more products.

Even though 2020 won’t be as busy and event-filled as other summers, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s still important that you don’t wear too much eye makeup.

Whether you’re attending a drive-in or virtual concert or just trying to make yourself look and feel beautiful in your face mask, excess eye makeup can get into your eyes and irritate them. It can also lead to potentially dangerous and damaging eye infections.

As such, you should try to use as little eye makeup as possible, particularly if you know that you’re going to be sweating a lot, as the makeup could run into your eyes.

Choose cream or gel products instead of loose powders and chunky glitter, as these products are less likely to run and fall into your eyes.

You should also check that your eye makeup is on a date, as expired products can lead to eye infections and harbor disgusting bacteria.

Eye makeup doesn’t last as long as many people think it should, so check how long you should be keeping your makeup products before you get rid of them to keep your eyes and skin clean and safe.

Take Your Contact Lenses Out Before You Go Swimming

Wearing contact lenses can seem like a great way alternative to glasses, particularly in summer, when you might be traveling and more prone to losing your eyewear.

While contact lenses can be the perfect solution for some people, you must take them out before swimming to avoid eye infections and damage.

Take your contact lenses out before you jump in the pool or take a dip in the sea and leave them soaking in a cleaning solution so that when you put them back in, they’ll be clean and ready to use.

If you wear disposable contact lenses, then slip a few extra pairs into your bag so that you always have some with you just in case.

When swimming, you can either wear your glasses if you’re only taking a quick dip and not dunking your head in the water or not wear anything.

If you’re not wearing any glasses or contact lenses, then make sure that you don’t read in the pool and enjoy your swim and then put your eyewear back on as soon as you get out.

If you need new sunglasses or want to check out our range of eyeglasses, then visit the Jackson Davenport Vision Center in Summerville, SC or contact us here.