When it comes to protecting your eyesight amid the obstacles that nature presents, prescription sunglasses make a big difference in your vision. Whether your sight is starting to go or encounter elements that can affect your vision over time, you can count on this eyewear to help you go about your day able to see well.

If you’ve never owned prescription sunglasses, you’ll need to consider which options are best for you. These factors include the glasses’ capabilities and problems that you’re trying to avoid. This guide aims to let you know how you can find the best prescription sunglasses for you.

Protection from the Sun

While the sun provides us with necessary minerals like vitamin D and can help us work on our tans during the warmer parts of the year, exposure can negatively affect parts of the body. Ensure that your sunglasses give you the chance to avoid cataracts, macular degeneration, and myriad other vision complications that the sun’s UV rays can cause. Damage is rarely immediately detectable, so getting the right sunglasses is something you should do today.

It would help if you didn’t wait until the warmer parts of the year to get a prescription because the sun doesn’t wait for the spring and summer to take effect. Snow blindness can cause your eyes when light is reflected off the snow and onto your face. This can also happen near water, so be sure that your glasses meet a certain level of protection. Some glasses are designed for different environments, so yours should be able to handle the sun no matter the season.


Your glasses’ ability to keep the sun out of your eyes can depend on how big of a pair you wear. A pair too big will leave room for UV rays to get into your eyes, and a pair too small will take away the amount of room needed between the lenses and your eyes for the protection to take effect. Whatever pair you buy should not only provide the right amount of space between the lenses and your face, but it should also line up with your eyebrows and other portions of your face so that each part of the glasses can do its job.

While shopping, be sure to try on different sizes, especially if you’ve never worn prescription eyeglasses before. Measuring your face before you shop will make it easier to find your perfect pair. This includes the distance between your eyes from the outer end of one eye to the outer end of the other. Some companies provide different size ranges, so you’ll have an easier time finding the best pair with a wider variety. If you have reading glasses or other types of glasses, you can use them to figure out how big your new sunglasses should be.

Frames and Lenses

The shape of your face also plays a role in finding the right prescription sunglasses, and this will determine what kind of frames you’ll need to improve your vision. Round and circular faces benefit from wider, almost rectangular frames, while oval-shaped faces match with symmetrical glasses that are both rigid and soft where they need to be. Square faces go with softer, rounder frames, and faces shaped like hearts or diamonds need round glasses with wider tops than bottoms. The better the frame can balance your appearance, the more suited the glasses will be for you.

You’ll also want to consider the material that the lenses are made of. You might make your choice depending on how clumsy you are when it comes to your glasses. It is also important not to rely on darker-colored lenses because they don’t guarantee UV rays protection.


While we try to save money whenever we can, doing so when it comes to health isn’t always the best move. You should be willing to pay a little extra if your vision issues are severe enough. Do some comparison shopping where you can. Consider opting out of certain features if you think you can do without those. Also, be sure to check the glasses’ refund and return policy if you want to exchange them for a different pair.

A good way to save money on prescription sunglasses is through insurance. If the amount of vision care you need each year is at a certain level, you can use a vision insurance policy to get as much as half off what you would have to pay without. Discount plans also come in handy for this goal.


If you’re looking to buy the most common and practical pair of prescription sunglasses, you won’t have to worry about the technological features. However, if you want a pair with the latest updates and technology, then be sure to do your research. This is more than just staying with a trend in the sunglasses community because the extra features should have a purpose for improving or maintaining your vision. This is important if the current model you use isn’t doing its job, and it should because the technology used today can help glasses last longer.

Depending on the model you want, you might have the option of customizing your new glasses to fit your particular needs. You might need a frame that can withstand falls and other sources of physical damage that your current pair can’t, and the lenses should have the latest updates created to further preventing UV rays from attacking your eyes. Some of the current pairs can filter UV light in ways that previous models couldn’t, so it will help get your hands on them if you can afford it. Other pairs are designed to be more environmentally friendly, which should help if recycling is important to you.


Your choice for prescription sunglasses will also depend on what you plan to use them for. If you want to focus on keeping the sun from making it harder for you to see, you won’t have difficulty finding a pair. The right pair will also stop squinting. Squinting from bright light causes you to bunch skin around your eyes, which can cause them to develop wrinkles and lines before they should. With prescription sunglasses, you don’t need to squint as much, allowing you to keep your youthful glow.

Affordable Prescription Sunglasses For Women and Man in Summerville SC

Glasses are also able to keep your eyes safe from rocks, sticks, and other projectiles that might be thrown your way by cars or lawnmowers. This can come in handy if you do a lot of yard work or live on a busy street. And of course, looking good is another factor. Your new pair could assure that you’re staying up to date with the latest sunglasses fashion trends.

See what the Jackson Davenport Vision Center has to offer and keep this guide in mind so that you find the prescription glasses and contact lenses that keep your eyes in good shape and your face looking good.