Just found out that you need glasses? That’s great news!

You’ll be able to improve your eyesight and see the world in all its glory.

But wait! The first pair of frames you try on don’t look as chic and stylish as you’d like. What can you do?

Don’t be disheartened. There’s a pair of glasses out there for everyone. It would help if you found the frames that suit your face shape and style.

With so many different brands, styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right pair of glasses for your face. To help, Jackson Davenport has created a guide to choosing the perfect glasses.

Work Out Your Face Shape

Face shape is one of the most important factors in choosing your ideal pair of glasses. Different face shapes need different-shaped glasses, so before you start searching for your frames, you need to find your face shape. There are many ways you can do this, including measuring the distance across your forehead and around your jawline or simply by standing in front of a mirror and tracing your finger around your face. If you’re still unsure, then talk to one of our experts, who will be happy to advise you on your face shape and the glasses that will suit it.

Look For Frames That Suit Your Face Shape

As a general rule, you need a pair of glasses that are the opposite of your face shape. If you have a round face, you need square or rectangular glasses with edges to contrast with this. If you have a square face, on the other hand, then oval or round glasses will soften your jawline. See below for the best types of frames for each face shape:

  • Round Face: offset curves in your features with thin square glasses, rectangular frames, flat-topped or square-edged glasses.
  • Oval Face: almost any shape of glasses will suit you, so be adventurous and try something creative.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: heart-shaped faces tend to be wide at the top and narrow towards the chin, so choose wider frames that will enhance your face shape. Larger, old-fashioned glasses with a rounded base and flat tops will look elegant and stylish.
  • Square Shaped Face: choose thin, rounded glasses to soften the edges of your face.
  • Rectangle Shaped Face: unlike square faces, you want to avoid round glasses and choose wide, round frames instead.
  • Triangle Shaped Face: with a wide jaw and narrow forehead, a triangle-shaped face is rare, but if you do have one, then you should choose straight frames or retro cat-eye-shaped glasses to emphasize your eyes.

Search Through A Selection Of Brands

If you’re fashion-conscious and keen to look smart, then branded glasses could be perfect for you. At Jackson Davenport, we’ve got a wide selection of different glasses. From classic brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban through to trendy designers like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs, and even sporty solutions from Nike Vision, we’ve got something to suit everyone, no matter what your style.

Choose A Color That Suits You

As well as the shape of your frames, you also need to consider the color you want. If you choose metal frames, then they’ll be less obvious than plastic ones. If you’re going for plastic-framed glasses, then you can choose from a range of colors and patterns. Ensure that you select a pair in a color that suits you and doesn’t clash with your hair or clothes or wash out your skin tone. Our advisors can help you find your perfect frames and give you their honest opinions on what colors and styles suit you best.

Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses.

There’s no point putting in loads of effort into finding the perfect pair of glasses, only to grab the nearest pair of prescription sunglasses that don’t suit you. Make sure you look great all year round by choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses the same way you picked your eyeglasses. Take the time to review all the options on offer before you pick one to ensure you’ve chosen correctly. Jackson Davenport has one of the biggest selections of sunglasses in the Summerville area, including top brands, so you can find the pair that’s perfect for you.

Get Them Adjusted To Fit Your Face

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of glasses and sunglasses, you need to make sure that they fit your face perfectly. Most glasses are made to a standard specification, but our team can adjust your frames to fit your face when they fit your prescription lenses or even afterward if you notice them becoming loose. A well-fitted, well-chosen pair of glasses will perfectly accentuate your features and leave you looking and feeling great.

Think About Buying More Than One Pair

You only have one pair of eyes, but you have lots of looks, styles, and outfits so that you might need more than one pair of glasses. Consider whether it’s worth buying several pairs to make sure you constantly look your best. Our team can advise you on which glasses look best with what outfit and in which situation so that you have a selection of eyeglasses to choose from.

Consider Contact Lenses

If you’re really struggling to find a pair of glasses you like, or you’re just uncomfortable with the idea of wearing glasses all the time, then consider wearing contact lenses instead. We’ve got a comprehensive contact lens service that can help you find a pair of contact lenses that suit you. This will mean you can restore your vision without having to wear glasses. Contact lenses aren’t intrusive and won’t fall out easily, making them perfect for active individuals who are scared of breaking or losing their glasses.

Still unsure of what glasses are right for you? Come and visit us at our dedicated Jackson Davenport Vision Center or contact us. Our eye doctor team loves to help customers to find the glasses they love!