Wearing glasses is an adjustment for anyone who’s never worn them before, but it’s particularly challenging for young children.

Children might be apprehensive about wearing glasses, so you, as a parent, must support them through this life-changing experience.

At Jackson Davenport, we have extensive experience supporting clients of all ages and helping them to find the perfect pair of glasses.

We know that some children don’t enjoy eye exams and that they are apprehensive about wearing glasses. It can be challenging for their parents to support them and get them into the habit of wearing them to ensure that their eyesight improves.

As such, we’ve used our experience to put together a practical guide for parents to help their children love their new eyewear.

Talk To Your Child

The first stage in the process is to speak with your child and find out what concerns them about wearing glasses.

There are various reasons why people of all ages don’t want to wear glasses, including:

  • Being scared of looking stupid
  • Worrying about the adjustment
  • Concerns about what other people will think
  • Being concerned that the glasses won’t be comfortable.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your child, or anyone else, might not want to wear glasses.

Once you know what it is that is worrying your child, you can move on to finding a way to support them through the process of finding their perfect pair of glasses and getting used to wearing them.

Show Them Pictures Of Other People Wearing Glasses

If your child is concerned about their appearance, then a great way to make them feel less self-conscious is to show them that lots of stylish people wear glasses too.

Try to find an image of a character or celebrity that your child idolizes wearing their glasses so that you can show them that even someone they respect wears eyewear.

Family members who wear eyeglasses are also a great choice, as you can show your child that the people they love are no different when they’re wearing their glasses as when they’re not.

Involve Them In The Process Of Choosing Their New Eyewear

Buying beautiful glasses is an exciting experience, so let your child be a crucial part of it. After all, they’re going to be the one who wears them, so they should at least have a say in how they look.

By purchasing their new eyewear, a fun experience, you’ll be able to ensure that your child associates their glasses with a positive memory.

Bring them to the Jackson Davenport Vision Center in Summerville to browse our extensive range of eyeglasses and find the ones that your child loves.

We offer an extensive selection of designer brands, as well as cute glasses for younger children, so whatever age they are, your child will be able to find the perfect pair of specs to suit them and make them feel great.

Help Them Get Into The Habit Of Wearing Their New Glasses

Now that your child is the proud owner of a shiny new pair of glasses, they must wear them regularly.

If they keep forgetting to wear them or take them with them when they go out, the glasses won’t help them improve their sight, further deteriorating.

As such, you need to push your child to remember their glasses, which means getting them into the habit of carrying them around.

Teach them to place their glasses in the same place when they’re not wearing them so that they always know where their eyewear is whenever it is needed.

Consider buying more than one pair of glasses for them so that you have a spare pair and have a set to put into their bags if they don’t bring their other pair.

Consider Contact Lenses For Older Children

For children over the age of 12, contact lenses are a discreet option, especially if they’re very against wearing glasses.

Teenagers concerned about their appearance might benefit from wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, so speak to a member of our expert team to learn if they are the right option for them.

Ask for a consultation at first, so you can find out what wearing contact lenses entails and help your child make their decision. Our team has guided many parents through this process, so they know just how to talk to your child and help your entire family achieve better eye health.

For any parents who are still unsure of how to help their child adapt to wearing glasses or who want help finding the perfect pair, Jackson Davenport is here to help. Just get in touch, and our optometrist will be happy to assist.