At Jackson Davenport, we’re committed to helping clients across Summerville, South Carolina, enjoy excellent eye health, and love wearing their glasses.

One of the issues that we’ve noticed over the years is that many of our customers use screens more and develop computer vision syndrome

With screens more accessible and usable today, many individuals spend hours staring at them. US teens spend more than 7 hours a day staring at a screen, and for adults who work from a computer, this number could be even higher.

Staring at a screen for an extended period could cause a wide range of symptoms, including blurred vision, headaches, tension, and more. 

As such, you need to understand how to protect your eyes and ensure that you enjoy the benefit of excellent vision for many years to come.

This blog post explores how you can reduce the impact of extended screen time and adjust your lifestyle to ensure that you enjoy healthy eyes for many years to come. 

Reduce Screen Time Where Possible 

One of the simplest ways to reduce screens’ impact on your vision is to limit your screen time. In some cases, such as when you’re at work, this is impossible.

However, there are ways that you can reduce your consumption of media through screens during your free time. Consider reading printed books instead of using an eReader.

It would help if you also considered spending more time outside or watching entertainment such as live theatre shows, rather than staring at the TV all day. 

Take Regular Breaks From The Screen

It’s not always possible to avoid screens. If you have to use a screen regularly, you should make sure that you take regular breaks.

By looking away from the screen and getting away from your desk every hour, you’ll allow your eyes time to rest. While you take your break, your eyes can start to recover from the screen.

You can then go back to the screen; your eyes will feel refreshed and ready to get on with your work. Consider using eyedrops during your short breaks to ensure that your eyes don’t dry out and you’re always comfortable. 

Another way to ensure that your eyes aren’t dry is to blink regularly. When you’re staring at the screen and working hard, it can be challenging to remember to blink.

As such, you should consider setting a reminder on your phone or computer to help you get into the habit of blinking regularly and refreshing your eyes. 

These simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve your eyesight and reduce the impact that screens have on your eye health. 

Always Wear Your Glasses

When you are using screens, you must always wear your eyeglasses. If you have a prescription, you need to wear them to ensure that you don’t strain your eyes. 

If you regularly forget your glasses, then there are many ways to ensure that you always have them to hand. For example, you could buy multiple pairs of glasses from our extensive range of eyewear so that you always have some with you.

You could also get contact lenses and then forgo glasses altogether. Whatever approach you choose, you need to make sure that you always have your glasses with you and that you wear them, whether you’re using a screen or not. 

Remember That Some Technology Is Portable 

When you’re out and about, it’s easy to forget that you’re still using screens when you use your smartphone or tablet computer.

While you are not at your desk behind a computer, you’re still using a screen, and as such, you need to keep your eyes protected. 

Try to limit your screen time when you’re on the move, and if you need to use your phone, then make sure that you wear your glasses.

If you struggle to see the screen due to the sun’s glare, then check out our range of prescription sunglasses. You can protect your eyes from the sun, read your screen easily, and look stylish all at the same time.

Jackson Davenport has one of the largest selections of prescription sunglasses in the Summerville area, and as such, we have everything you could want. 

Adjust The Settings On Your Devices

Most devices have adjustable screen settings to reduce the amount of harmful blue light you expose your eyes to when using your technology. 

As well as the screen brightness, you should also consider changing the font size on your screen, particularly if you’re straining to read it. 

These changes are small, but they can make a powerful impact on your eye health. They can save you from straining your eyes and potentially causing them more damage in the long run. 

Choose Lenses That Block Screen Rays

If you have to use screens, such as computers and phones, regularly in your job, then consider adding a blue light restricting coating to your lenses.

This coating will help reduce the blue light’s impact on your eyes, even if you have to use screens for several hours every day. 

You won’t notice the coating, and as such, it won’t have an impact on your vision. Instead, it will help you keep your eyes healthy while you do your job and use screens. 

Get Regular Eye Exams At The Jackson Davenport Vision Center

Regular eye tests are essential for anyone who wants to keep their eyes in the best possible condition. If you wear the wrong prescription, then you could find that you damage your eyesight even further.

As such, you should book in for a regular eye exam at the Jackson Davenport Vision Center in Summerville, South Carolina. 

Contact us, and our team will be happy to make you an appointment and check your eyes. They’ll also be able to advise you on how to adjust your lifestyle to improve your eye health, both now and in the future.