A significant amount of research is conducted in the vision space on modern contact lenses. Studies and market research show that most users drop out because of discomfort when using contact lenses Summerville. However, there is also considerable advancement in this field, and leading brands have evolved technologies that mean greater comfort for the wearer.

We at Jackson Davenport are a leading company in the industry and offer a wide range of contact lenses and sunglasses in Summerville. At our eye care center, you can also get an eye exam done by certified optometrists. Numerous contact lens technologies are available that focus on wearer comfort while offering sharper vision.

However, every person is different, so contact lenses that work for someone else might not work for you. This aspect makes it necessary to select products that would provide you with the best clarity and comfort:

Aspects To Consider While Choosing The Best Contact Lenses

Since contact lenses would, to some extent, be a replacement for your eyeglasses, you would need to consult with an eye doctor first. There are many factors in play when selecting contact lenses, such as your refractive error, your expectations, and more. These are the aspects to keep in view while selecting contact lenses:

  1. What duration will you be wearing your contact lenses?

This is one of the first considerations while buying contacts. Will you be wearing them infrequently, only when you are out for dinner or a party, or will you wear them all day, every day of the week? There are different types of products available, and most prefer soft contact lenses as they are suitable for longer wear and shorter duration use. On the other hand, if you decide to buy rigid gas permeable lenses, you would have to wear them throughout the day to provide the level of comfort you expect.

  1. How particular will you be with your contact lens care?

Contact lenses are worn directly on the eyes, meaning you must maintain them well. If you are not particular about cleaning them and using the solution the eye doctor recommends, you might be at risk of a fungal eye infection. Some people also get corneal ulcers when they fail to use their contact lenses as prescribed.

If you feel that you cannot maintain the contact lens care schedule needed to keep them in good condition and safe for use, opt for daily disposable lenses. These soft lenses are only for single-use; you have to discard them at the end of the day and use a new one the next.

  1. Do You Use Bifocals?

If you need bifocals, consider opting for multifocal lenses, as they can eliminate the need for eyeglasses or reduce their use. Sometimes an eye doctor will prescribe monovision contact lenses for a patient with presbyopia. One of the lenses helps you get better near vision, while the other is for better distance vision. These contact lenses in Summerville are comfortable and have a near-natural feel while providing clear vision.

  1. Do You Need Contact Lenses That You Can Use Overnight?

Some people wear their contacts continuously- throughout the day and night. Some FDA-approved contact lenses are suitable for this type of use, allowing higher oxygen levels to pass through them. However, not everyone is a candidate for these types of lenses, and only qualified optometrists would be able to evaluate whether they are the right option for you.

  1. How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost?

Many people switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses have this question, and it is natural to be curious about how much the latter will cost. It’s also relevant because you would still need your regular prescription eyeglasses even when using contact lenses. So you’d have to factor in the amount you pay for the contact lenses and the solution to determine whether it fits your budget. 

  1. How Much Does Vision Clarity Matter To You?

RGP or rigid gas permeable lenses provide sharp vision compared to soft contact lenses, but it can take longer to get used to wearing them. If you use soft lenses and find that they don’t provide the clarity you expect, it might be a good idea to switch to RGP lenses.

  1. Do You Have Dry Eyes or Any Allergies?

If you have either of these eye conditions, you’d have to discuss your contact lens options with your eye doctor. Today, certain products in the market can help with dry eyes, while daily disposables can help reduce allergy-related symptoms.

High-Quality Contact Lenses in Summerville

Once you have the answers to all the questions discussed above, seek professional advice. Visit a well-established eye care center for a detailed contact lens consultation and eye exam, and then make your final decision.

No matter what types of contact lenses Summerville you need, we can help. Many companies offer a range of products, but it’s rare to find one offering the perfect balance of high quality and affordability. You will get superior contact lenses at Jackson Davenport at cost-effective prices. Please browse our website for the best contact lens brands and products for additional details about our products. You can also order your lenses through our website; select the number of boxes needed per eye and fill out all the other information- we will ship the lenses to you in no time.

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